Minimizing shipping losses is a major concern for most companies that ship products to their customers. If you could use packaging that minimizes shipping costs and losses would that interest you? There are also major marketing benefits associated with the use of specialty packaging. Your packages will stand out against your competitors and they will have a higher perceived value regarding their purchases.
Benefits of Specialty Packaging
The primary purpose of packaging is to provide the highest level of protection of the products shipped. While many businesses experience success using mass-manufactured shipping materials, some businesses can suffer significant product losses incurred during shipping.
There are several pitfalls with products damaged during shipping.
1. Damaged Product Costs
2. Damaged Reputation Costs
3. Higher Employee Costs

If you choose the right types of specialty packaging for your products, you can significantly increase the probability that your products arrive safely at their destination. You can have greater confidence that your products will look pristine thereby improving customer satisfaction.
On-Time Delivery. Utilizing specialty packaging reduces the likelihood of your packaging becoming damaged during shipping resulting in shipment delays. Thus, the use of specialty packaging helps ensure that your packages are delivered on time.
Fewer Returns. When a customer receives their products in specially designed packaging, many customers regard the packaging with higher regard than packages in mass-manufactured packaging. Thus with the increased customer satisfaction of a package delivered on time, with the contents in pristine condition, and in packaging that delights the senses, your business is certain to thrive.
At Fairway Packaging, we are committed to providing every customer with the best packaging for their needs. From our affordable pre-manufactured packaging through specialty packaging designed specifically for your business needs, we are here to handle all your needs.

Fairway Packaging has been our packaging supply partner for over 10 years. We have been able to reduce our costs by 20% since working with them. Our favorite thing is that they warehouse our supplies, so we can keep our space free for inventory.

Mary M.

Shipping Supervisor

I highly recommend Tim and the team at Fairway Packaging. They are always responsive to our needs . They also consult with us to offer ideas that have helped us streamline our packaging and shipping processes.

Jack R.


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