There are many advantages to implementing Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery for your shipping containers and packaging materials.  The JIT inventory management strategy for your packaging products helps to reduce your business’s holding costs. This strategy also offers customers the ability to devote more space to other organizational needs such as space for raw materials for manufacturing,  shipping space to accommodate better shipping processes or other needs for your business.

Another advantage of JIT delivery is the improvement of supply chain management and the ability to address the increasing customer demands for same and next day delivery.

By reducing the amount of shipping and packaging materials held in stock, most businesses can improve their profits.

JIT, Your Business, and Fairway Packaging

With JIT, your supply chain packaging operations do not store materials on-site.  We deliver the materials only when they are needed.  We provide our customers a demand forecasting system that helps to accurately forecast supply needs.

JIT requires a flexible and highly responsive supply chain.  At Fairway Packaging we are equipped to respond quickly to our customer’s needs and expedite delivery to help avoid shipping issues.

We Help Successfully Implementing JIT Shipping and Packaging Product Supply

We work with your organization’s manufacturing and shipping team to determine the best scenarios based on predictable benchmarks.  We provide a plan that addresses your unique manufacturing and shipping needs that save your team time and your business money.   We have decades of experience in the shipping and packaging industry.  Our knowledge and expertise make Fairway Packaging an ideal partner for your JIT packaging and shipping needs.

We currently work with many regional manufacturers and e-commerce businesses that have improved their costs through the implementation of JIT supply needs.

We also provide warehousing of our customer’s shipping products to ensure when they are in need, we are ready to deliver.

Ask us about how implementing JIT for your business today!

Fairway Packaging has been our packaging supply partner for over 10 years. We have been able to reduce our costs by 20% since working with them. Our favorite thing is that they warehouse our supplies, so we can keep our space free for inventory.

Mary M.

Shipping Supervisor

I highly recommend Tim and the team at Fairway Packaging. They are always responsive to our needs . They also consult with us to offer ideas that have helped us streamline our packaging and shipping processes.

Jack R.


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